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Monetize your audiences with the content and brands you LOVE

Our proprietary technology, LIMPACT, shows the best brand campaigns that are aligned with the likes and interest of your audiences.

Suggestions to boost and optimise campaigns that work for your audiences.

Take the campaign live and push them to your social accounts within a single click.

Real-time access to track earnings from the campaigns.

Influencer Calculator

Number of followers

Per Account
  • 3K - 10K
  • 10K - 25K
  • 25K - 50K
  • 50K - 100K
  • 100K +

Ballpark rate

Per Post in USD $
  • $75 - $150
  • $150 - $220
  • $220 - $350
  • $350 - $500
  • $500 +

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