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Embrace the future and be ahead of your time with video ads

Humans are visual learners. They process information and learn new things based on what they see. Therefore, beautiful and engaging videos uniquely attract us. Video marketing did not start during the digital era. In 1941, a company that sells watches, Bulova, launched the first video commercial on TV during a Yankee Game. After that, Youtube came, and all the rest is history. 

Video Marketing is the most efficient way of marketing. 

According to Cisco, 82% of all the internet traffic will come through video streaming by 2022. Marketers can use videos for three different purposes: to increase their sales, build brand awareness, and keep the customers informed. The videos that make a mix between these three elements are the most efficient ones. Recent studies show that 8 out of 10 people decide to make a software or an app purchase after watching a video. According to Hubspot, 50% of internet users search for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store. Thus, videos are being considered as a trial for any product or service nowadays. 

Why are videos the best way to promote your product?

People find videos more enjoyable and memorable due to the combination of audio and visuals. When someone sees a video, chances are they will not skip it. But many articles and posts are skipped every day. Video creation is not straightforward nor easy, but videos are worth the hours spent. In 1941 the ad video that Bulova ran was low-quality and not engaging. As with everything else, video creation evolved a lot along the way. 

Video is unique nowadays because it is the type of advertising that people do not hate. Instead, 85% of consumers say they would like to watch more videos from brands. This perspective shows us that advertising in a friendly way is the best way to increase sales, build trust among your customers, and raise your brand awareness.

According to Zenith, online video consumption has increased by 32% year over year. Globally speaking, on average, a human watches 84 minutes of video a day. However, it does not matter how outstanding, entertaining, informative, or engaging a video is. A company should carefully choose the best digital advertising channels.  With OTT & CTV advertising through Limpid, you can reach more potential clients, spend less, and increase ROI. If you want to be ahead of your time and grasp an image of the future, start investing in OTT and CTV video ads.


With recent advancements in web based and communicative technologies, modern audiences have fractured and are now consuming content on a wide range of various platforms.

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