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An Insight from India

The generation before Gen Z has the traditional urge to follow the eternal trend of visiting brick and mortar stores to quench their thirst of utilities, but with passage of time the trend has greatly changed. Our predecessors had more than one reason to look up-to the celebrities, one among them would be lack of internet!

You wake up one fine morning in the 1980’s with the newspaper in your hand and find the then heartthrob Parveen Babi endorsing Lacto Calamine, you couldn’t deny but you would go and buy it, the companies knew exactly how to tune the strings of your impulsive buying behaviour.

That style is subjective and it flows irrespective of location could easily be inferred from the era of Bell-Bottomed Trousers first rocked by Elvis Presley succeeded in the Indian Fraternity by Amitabh Bachchan in the late 1970’sand then taken over by the Common Indian Men.

Thus, it is greatly evident that the earlier generation could identify themselves with the identity of their loved celebrities whom they adored.

This attitude has greatly changed for the Post Millennial era of Gen Z. Born in the era of technical boom where every product has got a very brief time to reach Maturity/Decline stage from their Introduction phase in the Product Life Cycle; The gen zers have an innate knack of upskilling themselves with adroitness. They are the true Digital Natives, born in the era where world started shifting their bases within the periphery of websites, they dwell within Internet hopping around sites to find the best deals that would suffice their requirements, making them in-born Multi-Taskers. But the gen zers as a whole community are more aware or you could say in their language more “woke”, than ever. So one among the many traits that you could expect from them are that they are more United, more Connected than ever among themselves creating a strong network that is penetrable and accessible not if you are there to impose upon them your pre requisite notions of what they would like in a brand rather than being a demand sufficer.

They would rather believe in the word of mouth of their peers paid promoting any product/service rather than the celebrities because in both the cases money is the driver in promotion but in the latter case celebrities in multiple instances have been an easy medium to lure people to fall into the traps of brand gimmicks whereas, the influencers have that sense of Honesty while endorsing one and the more into the league of starters/ Nano Influencers the better. Because, companies clearly know that it is a bid, and to retain their market share they have to be really Genuine. The generation with an attention span 8 seconds will not really think before switching brands if gimmick prevails.

This is what we aim at improving, implementing, targeting at Limpid: Influencer Marketing, first and foremost. Added value to Influencers, advertisers, through experience and personal experience.

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